Clean Water and Sanitation.

Background of Clean water and Sanitation in Uganda.

Uganda is a country with most of its citizens not having access to the minimum requirements of life. Water in many parts of the country is a hard to get luxury. Many walks are made to find a source. Like in any  situation of life, all basics needs of life are sought tirelessly. Scarcity in any society leaves behind very big problems to solve. Death in Uganda is happening ranging from Humans to Animals as result of water scarcity. Cattle farmers are time and again forced to sell off their cattle when the drought comes. The biggest obstacle being that their areas are hit by a drought with lack of options where to turn for solutions. Traders with the weather knowledge do keep money aside for such moments. Drought is not only affecting animal, humans have been signed up too. People in some parts are dying due to the drought. Away from that, businesses that do operate with water as a major raw material like Construction are tumbling due to the scarcity. Lastly, the rate at which diseases are being spread due to lack proper sanitation. There are families that have no Toilets and people end up easing in the streams. Children do not get to wash their hands after the long call. Poor utensil cleaning all in the name of the shortage. Dishes may end up being washed once a day. That is after Dinner. Usage of leaves to clean utensils is common in areas hit by the scarcity. In brief, the poor sanitation in Uganda is as a result of either Water Shortage or supply.

Drought in Uganda

How bad it can be when drought checks-in


First and foremost. This is goal number 6 on the Sustainable development goal list. As Awesome Earth Uganda, we seek to tackle this problem using the following approach. We have embarked on the solar powered water source Project. This shall work as we are to explain. In the remote parts of the country, mostly children fetch the water. A child has limited energy to pump and then carry it home. So we suggest a solar pump. This shall pump shall fill a 10000 Liter reserve tank. This shall solve the community Clean water and sanitation Problem. The pilot project is to target a Community in the North-western part of the country. Yumbe is faced with a clean water and Sanitation problem. To donate to our cause, please Click on the Borehole Quotation l

Solar Pump

Illustration of how the Clean Water Project shall be achieved.

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