Life under water #SDG14

Life below water.


Earth is composed of water and land. From the beginning of time, these two have existed side by side. Humanity has relied on both for its survival. The current situation of these two is getting to an alarming state. In such states, Land and Earth are still generating what humanity needs for survival. The great question of the day is, how much time does Humanity have until Earth falls victim to destruction? Our focus today shall be on life under water. To see what we have, what we ought to have and how we get what we need. By the look of things, we do not have an idea of the price to pay when Earth is destructed.



Currently, a lot of waste is being released into the water bodies. This includes the chemicals that are not treated hence becoming very poisonous for the life under water. Some authorities have really empathized the treatment prior to disposing and others haven’t taken the initiative to follow it up. Secondly, the excessive plastic pollution in the water. Honestly speaking, there is a lot of plastic that is being produced on a daily basis, put into circulation and we don’t now its final destination after usage. A great example is plastic in refreshment drinks. Little if none is known about the final dumping state of this plastic. There is a lot of plastic that finds its way into the water bodies. When all this pollution in its different forms finds its way into the water bodies, then we are harboring the weapon that shall wipe us out.



We have a lot of life under water. This life composes of fish, otters, animals that depend on water bodies for refreshment. The rate at which we are ceasing to care about this life and yet we depend on it economically and as food for the communities that stay nearby, is alarming. The pollution is affecting the life in and out of the water. This is not good news for us all.  In addition to pollution, there is overfishing. The fishermen have the perception that there is a lot of fish in the lakes and cease to mind of the size of the fish they are getting. Some species in Uganda are facing extinction. The government has embarked on over fishing. This is very serious that strict laws are in place and culprits heavily punished. Never the less we still have people who just don’t care about the fish as long as they get what to sell on a daily basis.


Way forward.

There is need for serious sensitization. People need to know that when we dump too much plastics in the lakes, the fish we eat feeds on it and in years to come, it shall be a health hazard. We all need to understand the current situation of life under water, only then shall we join hands with all fighting to make it better. The public further needs to know what shall happen to us if we keep with this current attitude. Furthermore we need to understand the guidelines put in place and we have to follow them. Lastly, we all need to understand the value of patience. This means we need to give fish enough time to grow. When we exercise such patience then we are on the right path.