Poaching the Mother of Extinction #SDG15 #TeachSdgs

Poaching the Mother of Extinction.

Humanity is going to be solely to blame for the extinction of some species. People quite often think that Mother Nature does wipe out species but this time they are going to be wrong. The alarming rates of poaching are just heading up like a plane leaving the runway. The causes are not what we brand as an addiction but as a reason to earn a living. We can channel these poachers into better humans. Get them jobs and teach them about the need to have these animals living. Many animals are on the brink of Extinction, namely

  1. Rhinos

  2. Wild cats

  3. Giraffes

  4. Lemurs

  5. Gorillas

  6. See turtles

  7. Elephants.

These animals are hunted for various reasons. The main reason being the body parts. In Asia, there are all sorts of beliefs that these animals have the cure to the dangerous diseases we face. Cure to cancer and nervous system diseases. Some are hunting them down for their own pleasure. Some are in for the parts but to decorate their interior at home. We are in a war of shadows when it comes to poaching. Poachers are well connected people. They seem to have the perfect cover from the poacher to the transporter to the final receiver across the world. It’s quite ironical that poaching happens in one continent and the final commodities are sold in another continent and the pay is good for everyone involved.



First we need to thank all who have dedicated their lives to save the poached animals and LEST WE FORGET the departed in line of duty. To forge a way forward, we need to understand the cause, market and buyers. Now to reduce poaching, we need to get in the game of poaching and never lose our focus as we in that game.

  1. Create dedicated zoos.

The United Nations should get space in all volunteering countries to have zoos of particular extinct animals. Have a zoo dedicated to Rhinos, let it have the various types of the species. Breed these animals in large numbers in each zoo. Can have a target of 1000. If need be we can use science to bring up young ones. This shall help us preserve these species and give them a fighting chance hence boosting Tourism. If we bred these animals in large numbers we can put an end to poaching. No one poaches cows, chicken, goats and all domestic animals because they are everywhere. So let’s copy and paste the technique if we still need to see these species.

  1. Release them back into the wild.

If we have large number released into the wild, first will make poachers believe that they have new stock. Then they will soon realize that the buyers too are aware of the many animals which will mean that the market shall have been flooded. This will soon make poachers stop risking for so little. They say necessity is the mother of demand but surplus in the market drops demand.



  1. Tighten security

If we have so many animals in the wild and security is tight, no one is going to risk death all in the name of getting a few bucks off selling Rhino Horn. Tight security with the increase in numbers means we can now get people shipping these poached animals. They will be transporting large numbers of animals which is easy to get them, or few animals at a time meaning they will be moving back and forth, soon we catch them.


  1. Join the Trade.

When the worst comes to the worst, we have to join the trade. Sell the product so as to find out who exactly is buying and we deal with the clients. If we release that the greatest market is in Asia, have a zoo in Asia that’s dedicated to the supply of the users. We are not going to stop poaching by talking or guarding what we have but by multiplying the numbers. That’s the hard truth.


In conclusion, we can’t solve the poaching crisis without understanding the cause. We need to understand the dynamics of poaching. To under the dynamics, ask yourself. If the Vegans waged the war on those eating meat, chicken etc. how would it end??? Basically there is farming for the meat consumers so no animal is facing extinction. So we need to borrow the same technique. There are a lot of things happening in this world, some are worse or equivalent to poaching. We need to do all in our power to see that we stop what we can with what we have. Examples include deforestation, over fishing, mining. Oil drilling etc. we have to find ways to put all of us in equilibrium without having to hurt others but by understanding how to handle each other.


By – Daniel Batuwa