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About Us - Awesome Earth Uganda
+256-757-233-239 info@awesomeearth.org Jinja, Uganda

About Us

Meet our team

Daniel Batuwa

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, He has decided to embark on the #Climatechange course. His concern started with the alarming levels at which people were cutting trees for construction and charcoal for cooking. To him it was evident that the tree deficit would someday come. After having done research about the status of the climate is when he realises that we need to embark on #climatechange without debate. Daneal has a tree planting ideology of planting trees throughout the country to countries beyond. He believes that planting trees in Uganda only doesn’t solve the climate problem if other countries are not. He is looking forward to achieving an international tree planting agenda as a way of improving the #climatechange. Having closely followed the previous COP23 in Bonn Germany, he is determined more than ever to achieve the Climate change dream. Daneal Believes that to achieve the climate change goal, will also mean to achieve the Sustainable development Goals.

Carles Ramada Santana
Co – Founder.

Carles Ramada is an Architect by profession and has the experience working in both Europe and Africa. With a Master degree in Bioclimatic and Sustainable architecture, and as Open Water Diver Instructor, he has always been very interested in preserving and respecting our environment. He came to Uganda in 2015 for the school construction management for different Spanish NGO´s, and he fell in love with the country and its people. He has been living in Uganda since then. He didn’t hesitate it when he had the chance to join Awesome Earth Uganda and collaborate with the climate change goals.


Anabo Lydia
Program Manager


With a Bachelors in Information Technology, She is the IT Specialist here. Lydia takes on the Program Manager role because, most of the team is working remotely. Most of the programs go through her table. She analyzes the project, advises and then is on top of the Program execution. Her work is really much and is always online to co-ordinate all these Projects. She joins on board because she feels bad when the environment is not as it used to be. She stands for the environment and all its beliefs. Her free time is spent discussing how well we can make the society a better plan. She is known for waling through the street and will come back with another problem to solve in society. Nicknamed (meanwhile) she always says that when introducing a new concept she just in the street or society.


Dennis Raymond Musumba
Social Media -Volunteer

Studying a Bachelors Degree in Mass communication, is a passionate upcoming journalist.  Passionate about service, socializing, praise and worship. Has a very good communication acumen and is Volunteering as Communications personnel. Dennis is in charge of updating the website and the social media platforms. From Facebook to Twitter, he is the man behind the updates. He is a good blogger and an open minded person. His love for society is what made him sign up with us. He does believe that if there is easy access to communication then the world shall develop at a great speed.

Jacob Nsiiro
Community Outreach Coordinator.

Studied Business Administration and Finance and Accounting at Makerere University Business School, a strategic writer with a strong background developing online content, including blog posts, social media posts, articles, press releases and other branded copy. He is our eyes and ears out there in the community. With 2 years experience in marketing and Con sultancy, he is fit for the task at hand. Jacob is the man who goes out there to research more about the concepts we have on the table. Meet the community and hear them out. His effort to make a clear report at the end of the day are what we cant ignore. He is a very vital piece of our puzzle.He is more of a hands on person. He is in charge of making field trips and visiting new sites that we would like to include in our next year’s plan. He does the photography of the landscape and records the site details. He drafts the reports of the field trip and advises accordingly.


Ronnie Bamusaala.
Volunteer Coordinator

As a nonprofit, we depend on volunteers to help with various projects. To help society we need to have all the hands and help we can come across. Ronnie does manage all elements of the volunteer force. He is typically responsible for recruiting, hiring, and placing volunteers, as well as training and managing them. His job is a really hands on job and a demanding one. Daily reports about the volunteer and their well being is all under him. He has checks the society and sees what departments need volunteers and which society to place them.