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Life under water #SDG14

Life below water. Background. Earth is composed of water and land. From the beginning of time, these two have existed side by side. Humanity has relied on both for its survival. The current situation of these two is getting to an alarming state. In such states, Land and Earth are still generating what humanity needs […]

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Clean Water and Sanitation.

Background of Clean water and Sanitation in Uganda. Uganda is a country with most of its citizens not having access to the minimum requirements of life. Water in many parts of the country is a hard to get luxury. Many walks are made to find a source. Like in any  situation of life, all basics […]

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Food Wastage in Homes.

 Food Wastage in Homes. Food is a basic need in life. When in abundance, this is not felt. When in scarcity, that’s when we all understand the use of food. Many parts of the world, people are going without a meal and yet in other parts of the world, food is readily available. People on […]

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