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Donate - Awesome Earth Uganda
+256-757-233-239 info@awesomeearth.org Jinja, Uganda


How to Donate to Awesome  Earth Uganda. 

Donations are very welcome


We are open to donations in all kinds of formats. We have four ways of donating to us. Below are the four ways but first we need to explain to you all the four formats. PayPal is a platform people in Uganda cannot easily have but the people donating have these accounts. So we using the Account of our Spanish Co-founder Carles Ramada Santana account to receive donations on PayPal. WAVE is our other option that you can use to send money to East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana). This is a mobile app trusted and certified by the international standards. It supports countries in the UK, USA and CANADA. The advantage with WAVE is that donations come straight to the Organisation Mobile phone and even people donating as low as under 5 Dollars can also make an impact. In Uganda people receiving money straight to their phones from these countries UK,USA and CANADA are getting a better exchange rate. Better than Forex rate here. Our third Donating platform is the WORLD REMIT mobile app. This app supports more countries in Europe and other parts of Asia as opposed to WAVE.. We urge our donors in the WAVE supporting countries to use it because we get better rate as opposed to WORLD REMIT.  Lastly is AIRTEL MONEY. This is for our local Donors who wish to support our cause.

The reason we have used a MOBILE PHONE is that money travels faster with a better exchange rate as compared to getting it in the senders currency. Once donor sends the money, we have a confirmation in under 30 minutes. We also have donors sending low denominations. We are so grateful for the support you render to us. Below is the Organisation Donation Mobile Phone Number


Number : +256-757-233-239

Name to display: Awesome Earth Uganda LTD


Download Wave money Transfer from


Download World Remit mobile app from