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Projects - Awesome Earth Uganda
+256-757-233-239 info@awesomeearth.org Jinja, Uganda



First of all, We apply for Donations and Grants. These fund are used for planting of trees, Grass and Flowers. We apply for funds from Organisations, society and any interested individuals. Tree nurseries are set up that ensure that we have good quality seedlings. When the trees are ready to be planted, we transfer them to the prepared land. Tree planting typically happens in the rainy season when the soil is wet and provides the optimal conditions for tree survival rates.

The donations we set out to seek for is 5000 UGX ($1.38 £1.06) that plants one tree from seedling level to the maturity (self-sustaining level). That cost covers security and maintenance of the tree. The local society in the area of planting is educated and briefed on the benefits of trees and how they are to be brought on board to plant and make a living from the project. Tree survival is key. This can only be achieved if the society is in perfect sync with the project.

Where we Plant.

Forest Reserves
We are to plant trees in forest reserves. These are given out by a government authority, NATIONAL FOREST AUTHORITY. Terms and conditions are given and we intend to use these to plant various species. These will come in handy for educational purposes. Tree species preservation and many more.

Natural forest replanting.
We shall be moving around some natural forests and help re-plant in areas that are blank. Help transplant tree seedlings that are growing in areas where survival rate is low to areas where survival is guaranteed. Such forests include Mabira Forest in Buikwe District.

Organisations / Institution Compound. 
We are to plant in Company compounds, school compounds, and any other institution compound. These shall include universities and churches among others.

City Centres.
Some Towns are designed to accommodate the green. Taking Jinja Town for example. The road dividers have room for planting flowers and Grass. We intend to make it green. Design flowers for offices within the town centres.

Why Plant trees

It does determine our survival as humans on earth. The current situation of the climate change is alarming. It’s worsening instead of improving. Planting trees, Grass and flowers shall make it better. Forest do reduce the amount of carbon in circulation.

Sustainable Development Goals
These are 17 goals. Planting trees full fills goal 13(Climate Change). Achieving that goal means some of the goals too are achieved, when the tree harvesting comes, boosts the economy amidst other goals.

The Green is a good tool in sieving the water that we use. We need to have a lot of green if we need to have access to naturally sieved water.


The air we breathe is good because the trees do clean it up for us. They do purify the air and we find in ready to use. At the rate at which we cut down the trees we shall not have enough oxygen generation in the future.

Ugandans are cutting down trees with all excuses they can probably give. The rate of construction has gone up, charcoal, farming are the other reasons leading to the cutting of trees. If no one does plant them back then we doomed.

Home to the wild.
Wildlife does depend on those trees for both food and shelter. If we need to conserve wild life then we have to maintain the Vegetation cover.

Many of the drugs that have made a break through, their origins are traced from forests. Plants do play a role on our lives. The natives who have lived all their generations in the forests have had to rely on those drugs when sick and they have survived. So we need the forests to keep standing who knows if they may be the breakthrough to the next drug in human history.

Economic Benefits
The money achieved from Trees cut, is therefore given to help society. As a result, such money can be used to solve more of the SDGs